The Princess and the Pea

© Peter Colbrook

The Princess and the Pea

Barnby Memorial Hall

High St, Blyth


S81 8EW

Our story takes place in and around the royal palace where the widowed Queen's brother, Duke Dastardly-Vile, has taken it upon himself to rule the country and make all the decisions whilst pandering to his silly, greedy, selfish sister!

Prince Colin enjoys the company of his loyal friends, Connie the kitchen maid, Harry the royal valet and Herbie the gardener's apprentice all under the watchful eye of Dame Deirdre Dumplings, the palace housekeeper.

As our story begins it seems that the Prince has decided it is time to choose a bride with the X-factor and take his rightful place as crowned King of the realm. His mother and the Duke are definitely not happy to relinquish power and so the scene is set for mad-cap escapades as Colin tries to do what is right and his Uncle, Duke Dastardly-Vile devises a way of keeping control for himself! Will Colin find a bride worthy to rule the realm with him, who is the mysterious stranger who keeps appearing... and will anyone stop the Queen from eating too much chocolate?