© Peter Colbrook

Cleo The Panto!

Written By:

Jeanette Adams


Directed by:

Jeanette Adams

Sharon Hughes

Cleo the Panto!


Princess Cleopatra longs to escape ‘Palace life’! Then after a chance meeting with the brave roman general , Mark Antony, Cleo falls in love.


But the evil sorceress Octavia wants the crown for herself and sees a chance to spoil things for Cleo. She magically banishes Mark Antony and his trusty guard, Rufus, to a mystical far away land Down Under!


To stop Cleo’s heart from breaking Dame Memphis, chief lady in waiting, heads off to find them with the help of her dozy daughter Ife and Roger the lodger. There is a little magical help from Pharoah Cuppacoffeetiti and his apprentice Pharoah Milkychocoshakeshake.


But will the ‘Lotus of Love’ stay alive? And will they all find their way out of the ‘Eerie Anti-Chamber of Doom’ and return home to Alexandria and a worried Cleo?